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Title: Something 'new' here: What happened at AF ? :-)
Post by: Petari on 25-12-2018, 11:13:18
Just googled little around for some TOS related pages, and spotted thread at AF, where can clearly (well, those with opened mind, neutral ones, free of all lies and BS said in last 12 years) see what really goes on here in AC.
http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=31243&start=25#p312648 (http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=31243&start=25#p312648)
Who was rude there ? Who is who gave insufficient info for successful compiling ? Who acted like "hey, praise me, or f*off" ?

Where we are now with that 'work' ? Anyone managed to do some successful TOS 2.06/3.06 new binary based on this ? I really did not hear at all. I see some threads, even thread what I started at exxos forum talking about what compiler to use, and like, but nothing is done to make some new build of TOS 2.06/3.06.
Only what some people succeeded is making binary identical build to original TOS version.  Very useful ! Now we can make same what Atari did 27 years ago !
Don't get me wrong, that's necessary step to prove that source file is 100% correct, same as original + that compiler and it's settings are OK - what means basically same as what Atari used .   I did it many times with my TOS and game disassemblings.  Only that I did not brag about it on forums.

Look this thread (mentioned above): https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=929 (https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=929)

How it ended (for now) ? With talk about EmuTOS  ;D  Yes, that's so typical for today Atari 'community' .
And same people as those who ruin my threads at German Atari forum.
All what I can see in future is: more and more constructive people will leave this 'community' .
Because there is no feedback, no even nice words. Bad guys took over forums. Bad guys lead forums. Or at least those who lead just don't care at all.
Title: Re: Something 'new' here: What happened at AF ? :-)
Post by: Petari on 07-01-2019, 11:26:22
Just to add some more, inspired by recent ijor's words: "I don't reply on personal writings" . Or something in that style.
That's usual blah when you say them something don't like. But what is what is really personal ? Pointing to someone that should update his WEBsite, should publish some DOCs for his creation - Pasti image format in case of ijor. Yes, you know it well - many people asked him for that.

How it can be personal ? Actually, if you want it very much it can be: he is person who deals with it, so it is personal  ;D
So, what I need to do next time, when someone asks me for some SW related thing:  "please don't be personal"  :D

But our hero, ijor did not react on this: "Marcer: don't worry about the hungarian troll. Nobody cares about what he says anyway." - was at AF thread, where list is stolen from my thread at atariage. Worse, moderators at that great forum did not react on it. It was not only personal, but nazi in fact.
That 'nobody cares' may be truth for brainless morons like him, and I guess majority of those active at AF.  But it was presented as universal fact, not subjective opinion - something what was told to me many times - ah yes, by ijor self: "it's your opinion" .
Poor bastard is so deformed, that don't see wood from trees. But that's very common when you are active on bad managed forum, where only praising of members of inner circle is allowed. Ijor will take any constructive critic as personal attack or like, because he forgot how to communicate.
Well, not only one - I can add exxos, Dal, MugUK, and especially GoldRunner (member of AL) . What is common is not accepting any even slight and nicely said critic.  All they are English, MugUK changed his nick from Muguk to that above. Yeah, they are a "bit too proud on their nation", that's what we can see  ;D
As with everything, too much of national pride is not healthy. Sadly, their sickness - and it's present in other areas beside nationalism is contagious, and big part of Atari ST retro people is already infected.
Why I write this ? - to desinfect myself  ;D  Sorry, not good English - I overdone my 'desinfection'  :P