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Some experiences with Flash cards


Here can write your experiences, problems, speed test results with diverse Flash cards. Mostly related with usage with Ataris and clones.

I bought cheaper 16 GB Sandisk Ultra, it claims 80 MB/s read speed, write speed is not given, so probably not too good.
Testing on PC with IDE-SD adapter gives:  read speed 25 MB/s,  write speed 10 MB/sec . That 25 MB/sec is certainly adapters max speed - got same with basic 16 GB SD card too, which can 5 MB/s in write.
So, we could say that this is too good for Ataris. Unfortunately, things with UltraSatan are not so good. Actually, this Sandisk Ultra 16 GB is slowest card so far I seen with UltraSatan - read speed only about 790-850 KB/sec .  Somehow UltraSatan works not well with faster cards, what is something I observed years ago, and even reported to Jookie.
Would be good if people could post here some results with CosmosEx and SD cards.
Speed test SW:

I will soon do some tests with CATA prototype and IDE-SD adapter(s) and some SD cards.

main US + 8GB MicroSD  Toshiba class 4
 Quick test
C: (similar results about D, E, : ect  HD,s.. )

Short files: 27/   7 KB/s
Medium: 338/   138KB/s
Long: 512/ 430 Kb/s

Error =0   Acc time: 37.0Ms

Combined Read/Write Tests
Test = Both (clicked and highlighted)
Short files = 50/ 6kb/s
Medium files = 512/ 144kb/s
Long files = 825/ 304kb/s
Logical Drives - Transfer rate = 915kb/s
Logical Drives - Access time = 9.4ms

Card :
SanDisk Ultra
SDHC I (might be a "1" instead of "I"?)
10 (in a circle?)

Machine :
Atari Mega STe
TOS 2.06 / 4MB Ram / Ultrasatan


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